A man in his twenties who was unable to find a job after graduating from college was caught by the police for throwing stones to the Virgin Mary statue in the cathedral due to job stress.

The Busan Gijang Police Department announced today (13) that it is investigating Mr. A in his twenties for the damage of special property.

Mr. A is accused of destroying a part of the statue by throwing a stone on the statue of the Virgin Mary in the yard of a cathedral in Gijang-gun, Busan, around 4:20 pm on the 7th.

The police analyzed CCTV around the scene, identified the person who threw the stone as Mr. A, and caught Mr. A at home yesterday afternoon.

The police said that Mr. A prepared a stone 20cm wide and 20cm long and threw it to the Virgin Mary, and stated that he threw the stone because of the stress accumulated because he could not get a job after graduating from college.

(Photo = Courtesy of Busan Police Agency, Yonhap News)