Jang-mo, who is accused of abusing 16-month-old adoptee Jung In-yang to die, denied the charges today (13th), saying that he had no intention of abuse or murder.

Jang's lawyer said at the trial held today at the hearing of the 13th Criminal Division of the Seoul Southern District Court (Judge Shin Hyeok-jae), "there may be a causal relationship between negligence and death." I didn't make it happen."

The lawyer said, "There is a fact that the victim was angry that the victim was not eating, and he struck the victim's stomach and back lying down with his hand, grabbed the child's arms, and dropped it as a result of the breast surgery." "I have never exercised dull force."

Jang also admitted some abuse charges related to fractures of the left clavicle and fracture of the right rib.

However, he denied that he did not remember allegations of abuse related to occipital and right sciatic damage.

Jang said, "As a parent, the defendant cannot take care of the child and, as a result, takes full responsibility for the part that caused the child to die," said Jang. "I did not intend to neglect or abuse the child, but as a result, I acknowledge all the parts that made the child difficult. "I said.

In today's trial, the prosecution filed for a change in the charges of prosecution, taking murder as a peripheral prosecution and child abuse as a preliminary prosecution.

Jang also denied the changed charges.