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first trial was held today (13th) against Jang Mo, who died after adopting young Jung In-i.

The prosecution added a murder charge to Jang.

Even though he knew that he could lose his life, he kept hitting him and killed him.

Also, in today's trial, the circumstances in which Jung In-yi was emotionally abused were newly revealed.

Today’s first news, reporter Minjung Kim.


As soon as the trial began, the prosecution applied for a change in the complaint against Jang, her stepmother.

In addition to the existing child abuse and mortality, we have added murder.

Even though he knew to some extent that Jeong In-i would die, he killed him by hitting his abdomen.

In particular, the fact that the cause of the death was'the pancreas was amputated by applying force to the back by something' was materialized as'the pancreas was ruptured due to strong force such as hitting the abdomen several times and hitting the floor and continuously stepping on it.' I did.

The prosecution explained that the decision was made based on the autopsy reappraisal and the results of the psychological analysis of Jang, but the court accepted the prosecution's request.

New abuses were also disclosed.

It is said that Jang forced him to support Jung In-i's legs, who had difficulty standing, and forcing him to do the same even though Jeong-in fell crying and fell, creating an atmosphere of fear and emotionally abusing him.

While acknowledging the fact of emotional abuse, Jang claimed, "It happened intermittently when I was angry, and I didn't think it was abuse."

Regarding the assault that occurred on the day of his death, some admitted that "there was the fact that he struck him on his stomach and back," but he lifted him up and dropped him with chest surgery pain, and the power to cut the pancreas I repeated the previous claim that it was not.

Her adoptive father, Ahn, who attended the trial in a state of imprisonment, admitted to the fact that she was forced to clap her hands, but insisted that there was no intention of abuse.

(Video coverage: Yong Yong Lee and Nam Nam Kim, video editing: Jong Tae Kim)