Do you know that mythical phrase of "this you will not see in the media"?

That used by conspiranoicos and portals

news fake

to be important and getting clicks, which brings dangerous hoaxes that can end up

leading to events like the assault on the


of the

United States

that rocked American democracy last week at the

hands of individuals disguised as troglodytes who claim that there is a worldwide pedophile network led by

Hillary Clinton

from an operations center located in a

New York



"You will not see this in the media," cackle those who invent a hoax and enjoy seeing how it expands, how it creeps and how the disinformation portals make a killing spreading a lie.

That same thing happened tonight.

No: there has been no mysterious blackout in the Vatican and they have not arrested the Pope for abuse.

None of that has happened.

It's a hoax.

And where does the hoax come from?

It all started last night.

Someone logged on to the Vatican News live webcam and saw that all the lights were off.

Like a snowball worthy of


things grew and led to the false news that the blackout was trying to cover up an arrest by

Pope Francis



Well it is false.

The lights in

St. Peter's Square

were off like every night.

Around six in the morning, the lights were restored, like every morning.

No mention of the Pope in Italian or international media beyond the death of his personal doctor,

Fabrizzio Socorsi

, due to



The hoax was created and had reached the

trending topic


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