Let's take a closer look at the Yeosu accident that occurred yesterday (10th).

At the time, the dead worker stopped the facility and went inside to work, but for some reason the machine suddenly started working.

And an emergency stop button that could stop it was installed far upstairs.

Reporter Han So-hee followed.

<Reporter> The

accident was Kumho T&L, an affiliate of Kumho Petrochemical, which handles bituminous coal.

At around 7:16 yesterday evening, the coal transfer unit suddenly stopped.

Jeong-mo, an employee of a partner company, in her thirties, and a colleague went to check the machinery and equipment, and went into the facility himself.

The machine control room changed the control method manually, and at 7:40 pm the control room workers were shifted.

However, around 8:04, even before the maintenance is finished, the facility suddenly starts operating.

In a short period of about 10 seconds after the machine was turned on, Jung, who was working inside, was caught by the machine and died.

In 2018, a worker crashed and died from a coal hauler in operation at this workplace.

Since then, the company announced that it has changed the work from 1 group per person to 1 group for 2 people, but there was another fatal accident.

In the event of an emergency, the emergency button to stop the machine was stuck on the upper floor where you had to go up the stairs.

[Colleague Worker: To turn it off, you have to go up and turn it off right away, so if you do that, you can't turn it off right away.] The

bereaved are crying out saying it's an accident that could have been prevented.

[Bereaved Family: Not only our son Naemi alone, but the same thing happened two years ago.

So, should there be something to be improved.] The

police and the Ministry of Employment and Labor are investigating the exact details of accidents with workers along with analyzing the device driving records.

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-cheol, video editing: Kim Jong-tae)

▶ In the enactment of the


Disaster Act…

2 people died due to jamming in the facility