Lenovo smart glasses can float up to five computer screens in the air at the same time.

The company announced this during the digital gadget fair CES.

The Lenovo ThinkReality A3 glasses use augmented reality (AR).

The two built-in 1080p screens show virtual objects on top of the real world, visible only to the wearer.

Lenovo uses that technology to project computer screens.

The gadget can be connected to a computer using the virtual screens as external monitors.

This allows someone to work on multiple images without bringing a lot of hardware with them.

Camera allows others to watch externally

According to Lenovo, the glasses also have an 8-megapixel camera capable of recording 1080p videos.

This allows someone to watch what the wearer is doing at that moment, for example.

In any case, the glasses work with Lenovo's ThinkPad laptops and mobile workstations.

A USB-C port is required to make the connection between the headset and computer.

The AR glasses will be sold in a limited number of countries from mid-2021.

It is unclear whether it is also available in the Netherlands.

In addition, the price for the gadget has not yet been announced.