Nintendo believes the creator of the site sought to destroy evidence.

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Nintendo is seeking $ 15 million in damages from RomUniverse, a former pirate site that allowed Internet users to illegally download copies of video games.

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, the Japanese firm filed a complaint in September 2019.

A paid subscription

"This is a very clear case of video game piracy, and the material facts are indisputable," says the company.

For more than 10 years, Matthew Storman [the creator of the site] posted on his platform thousands of copies of Nintendo games ”.

If most of the games were available for free, RomUniverse also offered a paid subscription to be able to download at will.

The video game publisher demanded that Matthew Storman give him tax notices and download data, which he was initially reluctant to do.

He finally agreed to send his tax notices, but assured that he could not respond to the second request.

Destruction of evidence

Likewise, the creator of the site claims that he no longer has access to the Discord mail server that members were sharing information on.

According to Nintendo, he would have simply destroyed evidence that could have turned out to be compromising.

In addition to damages, the Japanese company is demanding that all copies of cracked games be destroyed and that the site's domain name be deleted.

Matthew Storman has yet to respond to those requests, but has made it known he will defend himself on his own, without a lawyer.

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