Four out of ten Dutch people prefer to operate their smart home products with a smartphone.

Smart speakers are not very popular yet: only 6 percent prefer them.

This is evident from the Smart Home Monitor from research agency Multiscope.

More and more Dutch people have smart products at home.

This also increases the need for a central operating system.

Consumers think the smartphone is the best device for this (39 percent).

The remote control (8 percent) and the tablet (7 percent) are a lot less popular.

The smart speaker is in fourth place (6 percent).

Most of the more than 6,300 respondents say that they are not yet convinced of voice control of devices.

About a third (32 percent) is negative about voice commands and almost half (45 percent) is neutral about it.

22 percent is positive about this development.

This group consists mainly of men and 18 to 49 year olds.

More than two in five households (42 percent) now own one or more smart home products.

The most popular smart home products among the Dutch are smart thermostats (21 percent), speakers (19 percent), lighting (17 percent), switches (13 percent) and security cameras (10 percent).