Jung-in, who died a short life in pain, is breaking news.

The first trial against Jung In-i's adoptive parents is next Wednesday.

Our reporter heard the position of the parents through a lawyer, but it is said that the stepmother adhered to the claim that her adoptive mother did not routinely abuse her and that she did not know why Jeong In-yi died.

First, reporter Kim Sang-min reports.

According to the attorney of


, her adoptive mother, Jang, is said to be sticking to the position of being unfair.

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sleep, you had also going to eat one meal left somehow Jung is an underground car park.

[Jung family acquaintance: leave alone a child in a car seat Bob I came up to eat


[Jeong-in's family acquaintance: I just left it in the room.

So, what if he gets hurt.

He plays well alone.

Then, when he gets tired, he sleeps.] The

lawyer said that his stepfather, who is accused of neglecting abuse, generally admits to his fault.

The first trial against the adoptive parents of'Jeong In-yi' is scheduled to take place next Wednesday.

(Video editing: Wonhee Won)