This is Jung In-i, a 16-month-old baby who died after being abused after having had the opportunity to save three times.

Yesterday (2nd), many people were sad and angry with the story of Jeong In, which was covered in SBS'I want to know that'.

Our 8 o'clock news also decided to reveal the face of the victim Jung-in to raise awareness and prevent similar crimes by accurately reporting the facts of child abuse.

This is Lee Hyun-jung reporter.


A girl in the arms of a nursery school teacher.

This is the day before the death of a 16-month-old baby, Jeong In-i, who was abused by her mother-in-law on October 13 last year.

Refusing to eat, the baby sips a sip of milk and gasps for strength.

I couldn't take a step all day, but when my husband came in late in the afternoon, I started struggling.

It was the last appearance of Jeong In.

Doctors who saw CT and autopsy reports taken just before death say that Jeong In-yi must have suffered extreme pain.

[Namgungin / Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital Emergency Medicine Specialist: All of them are inflamed inside the stomach, so the more I eat, the more nauseous I get.

My stomach keeps hurting.]

[Ki-soo Bae/Professor, Department of Pediatrics and Adolescents at Ajou University Hospital: The intestine is bursting and the air in the intestine has leaked out.

This is the best pain among the pains when the air leaks out.] The

nursery teachers who reported to the police in May of last year suspected of having a bruise on both sides of her thighs and still cannot understand the police response.

[Nursery Teacher: Police minute 'or bones broken Where (was a difficult stage expression) view a picture with more than child abuse tear does not do', so it has come out with cleared]

Chapter constrained prosecution Wool Mr child Bob died the morning They claim that they did not eat, so they lifted up and shaken it, and dropped it and bumped into a chair.

[Jeong-in-i's maternal grandmother: I think there was a part where my daughter could not mentally control her emotions.

(After being arrested) I received a psychological examination.] A

memorial visit continued to the Yangpyeong Park Cemetery where Jeong In-i was buried.

[Iroa / Hanam, Gyeonggi: I wrote that I was sorry.

I couldn't protect it, so these things are repeated over and over again.

I'm so sorry for that as an adult.]

The homepage of the Yangcheon Police Station, which investigated the case, was paralyzed due to a surge of protests throughout the day.

(Video coverage: Kim Tae-hoon, Yoo Dong-hyuk, Kim Yong-woo, Video editing: Lee Seung-hee, Screen source: I want to know that)