• SELECTION: The moment of choosing a series to take advantage of a more or less long weekend can be an odyssey.

    Having a few more or less short series (by number of episodes or by their duration) is a good solution.



This is the name in English-speaking countries for the act of watching several chapters of the same series continuously on a




But when the weekend comes and you want to put it into practice,

doubts when choosing which production to see can lengthen the start


To facilitate the task, we offer five short series (by the number of episodes or by their duration) that will allow the viewer to end the days of free time with the satisfaction of having seen a whole series

at once


Chernobyl (HBO) - 5 episodes

To unseat

Game of Thrones

is not easy.

But this miniseries did it last year, when the spotlight quickly abandoned the end of the epic devised by

George RR Martin

to focus on the production of ... the screenwriter of the second part of



You are right.

Craig Mazin

is the creator of a series that deals with the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster that occurred in April 1986. He does so supported by Mazin's absorbing script, the firm direction of

Johan Renck

and a superb cast, among which

Stellan stands out. Skarsgård


Emily Watson

and, above all, a

Jared Harris

that as he continues at this rate it will be difficult to join him to a production because he stands out in all, no matter how little it appears:

Mad Men


The Crown

or another that appears in this same list

The Terror


Paquita Salas (Netflix) - 16 episodes

That the number of episodes does not scare, because the epic of which is already the most famous actor representative of the homeland show lasts between 20 and 30 minutes.

Only one of them,

regional dances

, lasts up to 38 minutes and has a reason: Paquita, masterfully performed by

Brays Efe

, must return to her town, Navarrete.

And by the time this happens, at the end of the third season, the already established

Javier Ambrossi


Javier Calvo

, scriptwriters and directors of the series, have already turned the life of the beloved protagonist so many twists that the chapter becomes short.

This is a series that began on the Flooxer platform and has grown in a brutal way, although its astute creators have not lost focus: the main objective, apart from presenting impossible cameos, is to have fun, although little by little In the life of Paquita and her inseparable assistant

Magüi (Belén Cuesta)

, an admirable complexity is discovered.

Primal (HBO) - 10 episodes

Perhaps it is better not to meet

Genndy Tartakovsky

before starting to see this play.

But it is acceptable to report that, in its original version, its name precedes the title.

And the reason is perfectly understood as soon as the first episode ends, which concentrates in just 22 minutes all the virtues of this master of animation:

plastic beauty, frenetic rhythm and zero concessions.

The way that Lance and Tusk, the caveman and the tyrannosaurus who star in the series meet, is bloody and dramatic.

They both lose everything and one wonders if they will be able to move on after seeing what they have seen: them and oneself.

The result is a deep reflection on how to cope with the loss and find the pa, z in which instinct, the ability to survive and the adventurous spirit intermingle.

A trip that hypnotizes and leaves its mark.

The Terror (Amazon Prime Video) - 10 episodes

Just to get

back to see

Tobias Menzies


Ciarán Hinds

share screen after aa embodied Brutus and Julius Caesar in the series longed


, it would be

worthwhile to

give the


to this series.

If it is also a

Ridley Scott


that adapts the acclaimed novel of the same name published by

Dan Simmons

, the hook can be instantaneous.

Both works are based on the lost expedition of Captain Sir

John Franklin

and mix history,



, supernatural horror and desire to put on a coat.

Watchmen (HBO) - 9 episodes

When it was announced that HBO was hiring

Damon Lindelof

, the controversy broke out in the networks.

Despite his good work in

The Leftlovers

, not a few people still


him for the disappointing ending of



But the truth is that Lindelof has redeemed himself in the face of the public And in what way!

Expanding the magnum opus of the ninth art by

Alan Moore


Dave Gibbons

was a major challenge that no one in the comic book world had ever been able to approve of (not even

Geoff Johns


Gary Frank

in the recent

Doomsday Clock


The forgotten Tulsa racial massacre in 1921 serves as the starting point for a reformulation of the comic that can be understood (and enjoyed) perfectly without having read a page of it, but that wins many integers if its multiple references are known, so sophisticated ( that Ozymandias by

Jeremy Irons

, the identity of Hooded Justice), that even scholars of the original work such as

Rafa Marín

wonder if the script has not been secretly signed by Alan Moore himself.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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