The cumulative number of confirmed cases related to the Seoul East Detention Center increased


762, and

around 50 new groups each week for a month…

Religious facilities and medical deungseo onset

game Icheon, 26 days after the first confirmed diagnosis related parties occurs logistics center of 21

"from UK mutant virus infected contact persons on board 17 people ... all negative,"

Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-Changzhou association between religious facilities Check ...

Cumulative 82 people

"Corona 19 treatment'Remdesivir' has been administered to 2,450 people so far"

5 workers and 6 patients confirmed after 21 days related to the hospital in Bucheon, Gyeonggi

Province 13 additional confirmed after 24 days related to the church in Dong-gu, Daegu...

Cumulative 63 people

, a total of 19 confirmed after 25 days related to religious facilities in Bupyeong-gu


Incheon A

total of 8 people infected after the first patient on the 24th related to a church in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province

(SBS New Media Department)