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President Seok-yeol Yoon returned to his job, the investigation of the Wolseong nuclear power plant, which was heading to the upper line, also gained momentum again.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Justice, which decided to discipline, was severely damaged.

This is Lee Han-seok reporter.


First, the judges questioned whether the reasons for the discipline proposed by the Ministry of Justice were appropriate.

First of all, he admitted that it was very inappropriate for the great swordsman to write a suspicion document.

However, as the Ministry of Justice argued, it was difficult to determine whether the document was to slander the court or leaked to the outside.

The Justice Department explained that it is difficult to assess the responsibility of President Yoon only with the data from the Ministry of Justice alone.

In the end, in a situation where Yun's fault was not clearly proven, two months of honesty saw that Yun would suffer irreparable damage.

It seems that the prosecution's investigation, including the suspicion of lobbying Lime and Optimus' political relations, will also gain momentum as Yoon returns to his office after eight days.

In particular, the investigation of the suspicion of the Wolseong nuclear power plant, which was sluggish due to the backlash of the passport, seems to speed up.

It is possible that a summons investigation of the senior officials who ordered the operation of the nuclear power plant economy will be conducted soon.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Justice was fatally wounded when the court admitted that there were some flaws in the disciplinary process process.

Right now, it is expected that the theory of responsibility towards the officials of the Ministry of Justice who led the prosecution of President Yoon will rise inside and outside the prosecution.

As Minister Choo Mi-ae, who in fact led the discipline of President Yoon, also expressed his gratitude, President Yoon Seok-yeol's control of the organization is inevitable.