The leak in the Orion software that allowed hackers to penetrate American government agencies has been closed, SolarWinds reports Thursday.

In any case, this will prevent hackers from entering through this vulnerability once the new update is installed.

The vulnerability came to light when hackers were found to have penetrated the systems of the US Treasury and Department of Homeland Security.

It later turned out that local authorities were also affected.

The leak in Orion arose because hackers could penetrate the maker SolarWinds.

The hackers then added malware to the Orion program.

This left 33,000 SolarWinds customers vulnerable to hacking attacks.

As a result, not only American authorities and companies were vulnerable, because SolarWinds also has customers in Belgium, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, among others.

It is not clear whether Dutch companies were also targeted.

SolarWinds and the US government do not yet know who is behind the hack attacks.

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