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The new

privacy policies

that Apple will impose on developers starting next year are proving difficult for Facebook to digest.

The social network, without going any further, yesterday hired a whole page of advertising in several US newspapers.

The goal: to warn that Apple's decision to

limit its ability to collect user data

would affect small businesses that use its ad platform to land new customers.

Desperate measures in turbulent times.

It is the latest confrontation in

a war that began this year

and will continue, if nothing changes, for much of 2021. With the arrival of the new version of the iOS 14 operating system (and its iPad counterpart, iPadOS 14), Apple has implemented new control mechanisms so that developers cannot track user activity in detail in different apps, or access a unique device identifier number.

If they want to do this, they

will have to request the permission of the owner of the device


These limitations were going to be active since the launch of iOS last September but, finally, Apple decided to postpone them until early 2021

to give developers time to prepare


Facebook, therefore, is running out of options


Although it cannot in principle know what a person is doing on their phone while they are not interacting with the app (the applications work in more or less independent silos), Facebook has several free tools that it offers to third-party developers, such as the possibility of authenticating in a service using information from Facebook, and that include small pieces of code that allow this type of monitoring.

Thanks to them,

Facebook is able to create a very detailed profile of the users of the



, including which applications they use and how often.

This data is key when it comes to convincing companies to use their advertising tools.

With much more detailed profiles,

companies can more efficiently invest money in their promotional campaigns

, reaching the target audience more effectively.

The arrival of the new rules will clearly limit the effectiveness of your advertising platform.

Zuckerberg himself has warned investors that it could mean a drop of up to 50%

in the revenue of his advertising division.

Although the new measures will not be active until early next year, Apple has implemented

another one of the new privacy policies

this week


In the AppStore, apps now display small highlights with the data they collect from users during use.

Facebook's, of course, is comically long, with

multiple pages detailing all the data a user shares

, often unknowingly when using the social network.

Developers now have to specify this privacy information as part of the process of registering an application and it

also affects Apple's own apps

, which in recent years has adopted a much stricter policy in the field of privacy, such as strategy to differentiate yourself from your competitors, mainly Google.

The issue of privacy isn't the only issue facing both companies, in any case.

Facebook has joined the video game developer Epic, creator of the popular Fortnite, and many other companies to

protest against the rules that Apple imposes within its AppStore,

and that they enforce.

Developers to use specific subscription tools developed by Apple itself.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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