The judge in New Zealand has converted 12 million euros in cryptocurrency from a man who offered illegal films and series on a site.

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reports that


The money was made from running the site, the name of which was not mentioned during the trial.

The man also had 818,000 New Zealand dollars (approx. 480,000 euros) in his bank account, while his brother had 730,000 euros in cryptocurrency and 225,000 euros in his bank account.

The money was already temporarily held by the police while the lawsuit against the pirate site was still ongoing.

In consultation with the duo, it has now been decided to confiscate the amounts, because the money was earned by violating copyright.

The value was much lower when the money was confiscated.

In the past year, cryptocurrencies have become increasingly valuable.

Judge is satisfied

With the seizure, the lawsuit against the website also seems to be over.

"The vast majority of the money held has been confiscated and further litigation over the balance sheet would be expensive and time consuming," the judge said.

"As far as I am concerned, the public interest is served by this settlement."

The investigation into the New Zealand movie pirate was started at the request of the US authorities.