ByteDance, the Chinese parent company of the popular movie app TikTok, will no longer receive a delay from the US government to divest its activities in the United States.

Talks between the company and the government about the forced sale will continue, sources report to





US President Donald Trump is said to have personally made the decision not to approve additional extensions during a meeting of senior US officials, a person briefed on the meeting said.

The government had previously issued a 15-day, 7-day extension of the original 90-day deadline, which was Nov. 12, at the behest of Trump.

The last deadline expired on Friday.

The Justice Department and the Treasury Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

TikTok also declined to comment.

TikTok pending lawsuit

ByteDance is also pursuing a lawsuit on the matter in the US court of appeal.

There, the Chinese were told that they have until December 14 to submit certain documents in their objection procedure.

So several deadlines are intermingled.

Americans can still use TikTok despite the deadline has passed.

The US had previously refrained from enforcing a ban on the movie app, in line with a court ruling in favor of the Chinese company.

The app with over 100 million US users has been under heavy fire in the US for some time now.

According to Trump, TikTok stores too much data, which ends up with the Chinese government via ByteDance.

He therefore demanded that TikTok's US operations be sold to an American party.

In September, he agreed to a deal between ByteDance, Oracle and Walmart that would transfer TikTok's US operations into a new company.