Yesterday (4th), the number of corona19 confirmed on a day increased by 583.

Compared to the previous day, which recorded 600 people in nine months, it has decreased slightly, but the trend is still steep.

In Seoul, almost all facilities are closed after 9 PM from today.

This is Park Chan-geun.


Yesterday, 583 new confirmed cases of Corona 19, 24 overseas inflows, and 559 domestic outbreaks.

By region, 400 people came out from the metropolitan area, including 231 people in Seoul, 150 people in Gyeonggi, and 19 people in Incheon.

Yesterday, the number of inspections was 23,000, down by more than 2,000 from the previous day.

Therefore, the positive rate, which means the number of confirmed cases compared to the number of tests, was 2.53%, a little higher than the previous day's 2.46%.

In one day, the number of deaths increased by 4 to a total of 540.

The number of patients with severe gastric disorders is 121, an increase of 5.

There were 34 confirmed cases at a restaurant in Pagoda Town, Jongno-gu, Seoul, and 12 at a hospital in Jungnang-gu, Seoul.

Seoul city limits most facilities to 9pm for two weeks starting today.

Not only restaurants and bars, but also movie theaters, amusement parks, department stores, hypermarkets, PC cafes, and beauty salons are closed after 9pm.

It also includes 25,000 places such as reading rooms, study cafes, and entrance examination academies.

The reduction in public transportation operations has also expanded, and city buses will be operated with a 30% reduction starting from 9 pm tonight and the subway from next Tuesday night.

The government will discuss whether or not the social distancing in the metropolitan area will be raised tomorrow.