Chinese brand will offer a competitor half the price of Tesla's Model S -


While Tesla is arguably the most well-known car brand in the autonomous electric vehicle market, Elon Musk's company is far from alone.

Many other manufacturers have also entered this market with varying degrees of success.

The sector has in fact been gaining popularity for several years because of its ecological arguments, but also of the driver's experience.

And an actor straight from China could well overshadow Tesla in the coming years.

The Chinese manufacturer Xpeng has indeed just unveiled a new high-end vehicle - the American manufacturer's favorite niche - the P7 Wing, which could become a strong competitor to Tesla's Model S.

The Chinese electric sedan has a range of 568 km, a capacity close to that of the Tesla model, thanks to its 80.87 kWh battery.

The Long Range version of the P7 Wing can go up to 706 km.

In addition to autonomy, the electric car has a host of features designed for driving, but also for the safety of passengers and pedestrians.

It thus embeds LiDAR sensors which allow it to detect nearby obstacles, as well as other driving assistance features thanks to its XPILOT 3.0 on-board computer.

A Chinese brand will offer a competitor half the price of Tesla's Model S - Geeko

A polished aesthetic

The P7 Wing also stands out for its luxurious side.

It sports a very pretty sporty design, but above all elytron doors that open vertically and not horizontally like traditional doors.

Something to impress passers-by.

The interior also has 18 Dynaudio speakers for high-end sound.

But its main asset remains its price.

Where Tesla's Model S costs between 80,000 and 100,000 euros, the P7 Wing is priced at 366,900 yuan (47,000 euros), up to 409,000 yuan (52,000 euros) depending on variants and options.

Should Tesla be shaking?

Unfortunately, at this time the vehicle is only intended for the Chinese market, but the features and price range of the P7 Wing make it a serious contender for Tesla's top model, even if the American manufacturer offers a more accessible model - the Model 3 - which starts all the same at 50,000 euros.

It should also be noted that this is a special edition of the P7 model.

If the latter meets with significant success in China, the manufacturer could launch into other markets, in particular the European one.

Since its creation in 2014 and the launch of its first model in 2018, Xpeng has gained ground and continues to impress.

It is therefore not improbable to imagine that it could conquer other markets and overshadow Tesla.


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