“I hope not ... At least for now,” the Russian leader said.

As Putin explained, the very name of artificial intelligence implies that it is not real.

“President Tokayev has already said about the highest sources of human origin.

Everything artificial, including artificial intelligence, has no heart, no soul.

There is no feeling of compassion and conscience, ”the head of state said.

In his opinion, all these components are extremely important for people who are given special powers by citizens in making and implementing decisions that benefit the country.

“Sometimes, I know this from my own experience ... you have to make seemingly not entirely rational decisions, but they need to be made based on history, culture, current practice, aspirations and expectations of the country's citizens.

These decisions for the social sphere sometimes seem to be irrational, in the field of, say, pensions, healthcare, and other spheres of human life, ”the president said.

At the same time, for a human president, such decisions seem reasonable, because he makes them not in the interests of machines, but in the interests of living people, Putin added.

He specified that artificial intelligence can be an assistant to the president and any person.

"While the machine, artificial intelligence still cannot replace the head of state," Putin summed up during the plenary session of the AI ​​Journey international online conference on artificial intelligence.

Earlier, the president said that in the coming decades, Russia will have to undergo digital transformation.