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military and police are operating an explosives disposal team called EOD in preparation for the terrorism of explosives around us.

Agents who perform a very dangerous task of removing explosives wear special equipment,'explosion-proof suits' to prevent fatal injuries.In the process of delivering these explosion-proof suits, which the agents call'lifeline', the police do not properly check even the test report It turns out that the procedure was carried out.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Han Sang-woo.


This is a German-made explosion-proof suit that the National Police Agency won in a bid in August.

I decided to purchase 3 sets of 50 million won each, for a total of 150 million won.

Decompression performance is specified in the bidding conditions.

Decompression performance is a key feature that prevents organ rupture or damage to the eardrum by significantly reducing the enormous pressure that occurs during explosions.

The police walked with a decompression capability of 94% or more for the helmet and 96% for the chest area, as of the time when 567g of explosive exploded at a distance of 60cm.

However, as a result of SBS coverage, the decompression capability data that the manufacturer gave to the police was based on an outrageous experiment.

It was written that the helmet had a decompression function of 94% and the chest part 98%, and this data was the result of an experiment where a 10kg explosive was exploded at a distance of 3m.

According to the police conditions, the test result at a distance of 567g and 60cm was 86% decompression of the helmet, far less than the standard 94%.

[Kim Young-su/Explosives Disposal Expert (39 years of experience): (At the time of bidding) Everything like books comes out, starting with video materials.

I believe in that and work, but most of the time, (the data) are not wrong.]

[Sungyeon Yoon/Explosives Disposal Expert (39 years experience): It is directly connected to life.

Once you make a mistake, you can't come back.

I dont believe in this (explosion-proof suit)...

.] After the

coverage began, the police belatedly raised the issue with a German company, but the only answer that came back after two weeks was that they would send you a better summary.

The police, who decided to purchase only with sloppy data, said they would come up with a countermeasure after receiving and analyzing the manufacturer's experimental video and specific data.

(Video editing: Park Ki-duk, VJ: Lee Jun-young)