Yesterday (3rd), it is said that the first December SAT exam was generally moderate.

Of course, it may be a little far from the students who took the exam wearing masks and masks.

From today, college-specific exams start again, but you should always go carefully because of Corona 19.

Reporter Han Ji-yeon reports.

<Reporter> For

the first time in history, the SAT was given amid a large-scale infectious disease, and the feeling of completing a test that was similar or somewhat similar to that of last year is also a moment, and the candidates are worried about the university-specific exams that will continue from today.

[Recently, Geun-ho/Testee: I have to go home and do a false grading, check if the essay is the lowest, and study essay writing.

It's not over even if it's over.

I can't even play anymore.] This

is the schedule of essay writing in major colleges and universities.

Starting with Soongsil University today, 9 universities including Sungkyunkwan University tomorrow, and 6 universities including Sogang University the day after tomorrow, the schedule is tight until the 20th.

Looking at the essay exam schedule of a high school 3rd student, they take the exam for three consecutive days, of which one day is a strong march that takes two hours each in the morning and afternoon.

[Parents of the test takers: (I am raising my physical strength) I fed red ginseng or something like this, but I think he has a lot of physical strength again.] I

have a bigger concern.

During the SAT, even confirmed candidates were able to take the exam, but they cannot take the exams for each university.

[High School 3: If it is confirmed, you must be forced to retake it immediately.

The kids are all trembling because of that…

.] The

Ministry of Education said that it would be difficult to provide a comprehensive opportunity for confirmed candidates due to different exam admissions for each university.