In order to increase the performance of the device and reduce the space in favor of the battery and reduce weight

"Qualcomm": integrating the processor and "modem" of the fifth generation phones in one chip

"Snapdragon 888" is the first mobile phone processor to work with the new system.

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The company, Qualcomm, which specializes in communications systems, has stated that, during the first quarter of next year, fifth-generation phones operating with the new generation of processors made by the method of "SOC" or "system on a chip" will appear, in which the main processor of the phone is integrated. With the modem transmitting and receiving unit in one entity, on a single “silicon” chip, to increase the performance of the phone as a whole and reduce the space that the processor and modem occupy separately, to be used to enlarge the size of the battery, and make the phone less Power consumption, lighter weight, and thinner.

This came during the company's annual conference "Digital Technology Summit", which was organized by default, finally, and was followed up by "Emirates Today" through the newsroom of the company's website: ( news).


During the conference, the American company revealed the new generation of processors manufactured by "SOC" method, which is the "Snap Dragon 888" processor, which, according to Qualcomm announced, will work with "Android" phones from "LG" and "Motorola" companies. »And« OnePlus »and« Abu »and others, which will be launched during the first quarter of the new year.

Qualcomm did not mention the name "Samsung" specifically, but it is possible that the upcoming Galaxy S phones will include the "Snapdragon 888" processor upon its launch in early 2021, similar to what happened before, when the "Galaxy S20" phones came. »It is equipped with a Snapdragon 865 processor.

During the conference, Li Guan, president of Chinese Xiaomi, said that his company's new Mi11 phone would work with Snapdragon 888.

Artificial intelligence

For his part, Senior Vice President of Qualcomm and General Manager of Mobile Phone, Computing and Infrastructure, Alex Katouzian, said that artificial intelligence is the focus of the new processor, "Snapdragon 888", along with interest in 5G applications, games and the camera, depending on On the core technologies that combine low-power computing with high-speed communications.

He explained that «Snapdragon 888», contains a new artificial intelligence engine of the sixth generation, which has been re-engineered, to provide a pivot leap forward, compared to the previous generation, it improves performance, and processes data at a speed of 26 terraces per second, and the engine also contains The second generation of the "sensor distribution hub" responsible for implementing low-power, always-on artificial intelligence processors.

Image processor

According to what was published by "Qualcomm" on its website, the new processor is distinguished by its containing a signal processor for fast images, called "Spectra", which achieves 120 pictures per second with a resolution of 12 megapixels, and is therefore 35% faster than the previous generation.

Katouzian described this improvement as huge, and when it appears and becomes in use, users will start developing various applications and services associated with them, and this can include things like high-definition video conferencing, or giving users the ability to take pictures of what they do throughout the day, and share those images. On social media with others.

Katouzian indicated that by combining artificial intelligence with the camera, the phone will automatically know the setting that must be selected for each circumstance, and the user will not have to worry about technical details, pointing out that the processor will allow the camera to obtain night photos, better dim lighting, and motion shots of something moving quickly Big - or very slowly.


Regarding the "modem" integrated with the processor, Qualcomm explained during the conference that it will be the "X60S" model, which is a "modem" capable of downloading data at speeds of up to 7.5 gigabits per second, and downloading information at speeds of up to Three gigabits per second, and it works with the two main technologies of the fifth generation, which are ultra-short radio waves and the least stable speed, and the slowest and most stable sixth sub-spectrum waves, and it also supports many features that allow for higher speeds and other network features.

While the maximum download speed is not much faster than the previous generation, the "X60" aims to enhance the average speed on devices by combining different types of wireless signals, which enhances the overall performance, as well as increases the network capacity and expands coverage, and makes The phone moves between the fifth and previous generation networks and vice versa, more quickly and smoothly.

Application support

Qualcomm stated that the artificial intelligence engine in the new Snapdragon 888 processor supports many different applications that are used on a very wide scale now, including photography and video, noting that it “removes all the problems that existed before, In terms of choosing the correct parameters, putting them in the correct position, as well as making sure of the correct lighting, and even recognizing scenes, faces, backgrounds and depth ».