• The drama 'Start Over (Herself)', about a battered woman trying to rebuild her life and build her own house, opens in theaters on December 4

  • Interview with Phyllida Lloyd, a British filmmaker who has been responsible for the mega-hit 'Mamma Mia!

    The movie 'and' The Iron Lady ', both starring Meryl Streep

Young Irish woman

, precarious worker, mother of two daughters and

abused by her husband


This is how we discover Sandra (Clare Dunne), the

main character of

Start Again (Herself)

, at the start of a film that has passed through the Sundance and San Sebastián festivals.

Although, after the minutes, the dramatic tone changes towards something much more positive, with Sandra trying to

rebuild her life and building a house with her own hands

... and those of the 'good people' who support her in such a delicate moment for she.

Phyllida Lloyd, the film's director, gives instructions at one point during filming.

The director of the film

, which opens in theaters in Spain on December 4,

is Phyllida Lloyd

(Bristol, England, 1957).

This director, who has extensive experience as a director and producer of major plays and operas in her native England, has directed two films:

Mamma Mia!

The movie

(2008) and

The Iron Lady


The two with Meryl Streep

and one of them (

Mamma Mia! The movie)

turned into one of the biggest blockbusters in recent times.

Now, with

Starting Over (Herself)

, Lloyd dares to



project much more modest

than the two great productions he did with Streep, but much

more committed and exciting.

"I hope that

Starting Over

can help many people, whether or not they go through the same thing as Sandra.

It is a hymn to tolerance.

And I would like many people to see it. I think it will give hope to many women to take a step forward. In their lifes".

Gary (Ian Lloyd Anderson) is Sandra's abusive ex-husband.

Phyllida Lloyd

admits that she was excited on the set by

watching Sandra's (the character) efforts closely to move forward with her life and those of her two daughters in today's Ireland.

"Claire Dunne, the main actress of the film, is also the creator of the story. In fact, she signed the script with Malcolm Campbell. But she never thought that she would be the actress who would star in her story when she wrote the libretto. See Claire playing such

a special role with so much commitment

on her part made me really excited when we shot the scenes. And not just me, but the rest of the crew as well. "

Without wanting to fall into the drama, the director explains what one of her main objectives is with this co-production between Ireland and Great Britain.

"This story

is not just a tragedy, but it is full of lights and shadows.

I want to show a woman who wants to get ahead with courage and not just someone who appears as a victim of abuse.

Sandra is like a hero in the sense that she overcomes obstacles.

And, unlike many other stories in which a female character is given the lead, here Sandra is not looking for a man's love. "

Friends and acquaintances help Sandra to build her own house.

Regarding the help that Sandra receives from neighbors and strangers in the film, the director clarifies that something like this should not be strange in real life.

"In recent months

we have discovered who our friends were

and we have rediscovered our neighbors. I don't know what will happen, but not seeing our friends has led us to miss them even more. We value our safety by being in our home, but also that we

need contact with people.

Much more those who live alone or those who suffer domestic abuse. "

Someone like Phyllida Lloyd, who has worked with Meryl Streep twice, knows the Hollywood megastar well.


Meryl Streep is very aware of the relevance of her work.

And that her way of acting means a lot to those who share that work with her. She is literally the first to arrive on set and the last to leave. She knows very well that the time is money. There is a very revealing anecdote about her. I once saw how the production person was going to look for her to shoot her scene. Meryl Streep, at that moment of rest, was talking on her mobile. Then she hung up the phone to his interlocutor with a lot of education and walked towards the scene to, once placed, nail his scene.

It is so good that, whatever you ask of her, she will do it better than anyone. "

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