• Analysis. This is the Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro: the best mobile for its price?

  • Analysis.Xiaomi Mi 10: it only has one problem, but it is the price

Although the year has arrived well into the year, the


can be, without a doubt, one of the best phones of this 2020 so atypical.

And not only in its market segment (halfway between the mid-range and low for its

229 euros

starting point), in which it has everything to sweep, but in general.

It is a huge phone that can only be held against this size and cameras that, without being bad, could have been better.

POCO is the brand with which Xiaomi moves in the low and medium range;

something like

the affiliate

of a great team.

Several high-quality devices have come out of it and the POCO X3 NFC could well be a Messi or a Guti that define what to expect from this quarry with a paradoxical name.

From the outset the phone already gives a feeling of what it is and its potential: with hardly any noble materials - an aluminum edge surrounds a sea of ​​plastic - it gives a feeling of robustness and quality.

The design allows for certain irreverence that would not be found in the sobriety and boredom of the current high-end range.

His commoner status is also noticeable in a

3.5 jack

that seems to have completely disappeared in the noble area of ​​the market.

Thus, on its back there are lines that flank a third striped column on which the huge frame of the cameras is located and under which it bears its name as a logo.

If the POCO X3 is large, this space borders on the gargantuan.

The whole, with the glows that change the tonality when they receive light so popular for a few years, is somewhat unmerited when it becomes a

store of prints

that you laugh at Amazon.

The camera module is one of its most visible elements and it doesn't look bad when compared to the competition.

In the last year, more and more manufacturers are leaving behind subtleties and in this component they choose to assume that if we go to mushrooms, we go to mushrooms.

Why hide what is clearly visible?

Let's be honest: you have to be a chump not to recognize Superman behind the frame of glasses, so here the cameras occupy almost a sixth of the total of the rear.

As if Clark Kent were wearing the superhero underpants on the outside.

All that is bulky is transferred to a 6.67-inch IPS screen with a

refresh rate of up to 120 Hz

, something little seen in this range, at least for now.

Although it may not seem like it for its price, the components make this panel show off when playing content or with all kinds of games.

There is some frame, which is not annoying, and the front camera 'holes' the screen with some subtlety.

Those who prefer more drastic solutions can always activate the option that colors the upper part to camouflage the notch.

The 215 grams that it weighs can be noticed after a binge of episodes or games stranded on the sofa with arms raised or when using it with one hand.

However, the grip is good and in the day to day it does not get too heavy.

Choosing the lock button - on the right side of the device - to place the fingerprint reader means that less practice is needed to get it right the first time.

In any case, it also has facial recognition available that behaves as well as this 2020 of foggy masks and glasses allows.

The performance of its Snapdragon 732G and its 6 GB of RAM is well above expectations in this segment of the market.

In general and saving the distances, the feeling is that of having a

top of the range in

your hands


The 64 GB of storage of the basic model can already be somewhat short, so whoever can assume the 40 euros difference should go for the 128 GB one.

The 5,160 mAh battery lasts a day of use without major problem, with the possibility of watching the sunrise, having breakfast and even having an early snack if the use is moderate enough.

More autonomy would enter the realm of miracles, especially with a screen of that size.

The normal thing will be to charge it every night without arriving in the last for its dose of electricity.

In the camera module there is space for a flash and four lenses: a 64 megapixel main sensor, a 13 megapixel ultra wide angle, a 2 megapixel macro (which the average user would probably have preferred to be a telephoto lens) and a 2 megapixel sensor to measure depth.

If the POCO X3 NFC had better cameras, it would be perfect ... and more expensive too.

For the range in which it is not much more can be asked and the truth is that

it defends itself


The highlight is the portrait mode, which easily detects what to blur and what not to blur and will rarely create artificial results.

For the rest, the huge camera module writes checks that the lenses cannot always pay: the result remains correct and does not always measure up when the lighting is not good.

The HDR mode can mitigate some issues, and in any case this is not a disappointing aspect either;

it is just a flashy approved in a record of honors.

All in all, the POCO X3 NFC should establish a brand with which Xiaomi can take a good bite out of the quota cake.

Those who still do not know it will start to hear about it thanks to one of the best mobiles of 2020.

Rumor has it that a Real Madrid president had the opportunity to sign Kaká before he emerged and did not do so for fear that a possible failure would change the consonants of his name until he became a dregs.

Mitsubishi, for its part, changed the onanist Pajero for a much more modest Montero in our country.

The name matters and POCO arrived in Spain with a small slab that is about to fly through the air with terminals like this X3 NFC.

It has little ditto.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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