Microsoft removes individual productivity scores in Microsoft 365 after criticism.

The function allowed employers to gain insight per employee into the use of Outlook e-mail service, Teams conference service and Office products, such as Word and Excel.

The measurements show employers how their workforce is using Microsoft 365 products and whether they are using it on multiple devices.

The company calculates scores that would say something about how employees communicate, meet or collaborate.

"We added a feature that would show usernames and related actions over a 28-day period," Microsoft explains in a blog post.

"In response to feedback from the past week, whoever removed that feature completely."

Instead, an employer only gains insight into a productivity score that is based on aggregated data from multiple people.

"No one in the organization can use the productivity score to access information about how an individual uses apps and services in Microsoft 365."

The company also says it makes it clear that the position only offers insight at the organizational level.

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