On the first day of December, the situation with the Ministry of Justice and the prosecution is dire.

Let’s summarize the contents of today (1st) with reporter Chan-jong Lim from the Legal Affairs Team.

Q. Postponed to the 4th day of the disciplinary committee...

Who made the time?

[Reporter Lim Chan-jong: However, it would be more accurate to see that Minister Choo Mi-ae made time.

Because Vice Minister Koki-young, who was an ex officio member of the disciplinary committee, saw it a while ago, did not he express his appreciation for opposing the holding of the disciplinary committee?

You can still open the meeting.

However, it would have been difficult for the resolution to be reached normally when one of the committee members protested and resigned.

Minister Choo Mi-ae also announced that he would promptly administer his next vice-minister. It means that he would appoint a person who does not object to disciplinary action as vice-minister, but it would have taken several days to appoint before the disciplinary committee.

In addition, today the Ministry of Justice's supervisory committee recommended that it is inappropriate, and the court should consider in its decision that the minister's power to suspend duties does not transpose the personnel authority over the prosecutor general. It would have been advantageous from the position of the minister.]

Q. The 4th disciplinary committee…

Will Secretary Chu Mi-ae be the way she wants?

[Reporter Lim Chan-jong: It may not be as simple as expected. First of all, President Yoon Seok-yeol is in a position to raise issues against some of the disciplinary committee members. The list of disciplinary committee members has not been disclosed, but it is known that Prosecutor General Shim Jae-cheol, who is close to Minister Chu, is included. However, Director Shim was pointed out for reporting the so-called'judge's inspection documents' that Minister Chu mentioned as a key reason for disciplinary action. Therefore, if there is a situation where it is difficult to expect the fairness of the disciplinary decision if Director Shim appears on the disciplinary committee, General Yoon's side is the reason stipulated in the Prosecutor's Discipline Act.

The disciplinary committee may not accept this. However, in this case, it will be burdensome in the future administrative litigation. If a disciplinary decision is made, President Yoon will again apply for a suspension of the disciplinary decision and file a lawsuit for canceling the disciplinary action, because any controversy in the process of evading the request for disciplinary action could be disadvantageous by the Ministry of Justice.

In addition, outsiders also participate in the disciplinary committee, and there is a possibility that they are very conscious of today's recommendations or court decisions of the Ministry of Justice. Chu minister's standpoint, there is in the judge inspectors suspicion of a bayonet gamchalbu investigation process can be expected to emerge this new fact, Even so under normal circumstances, the earlier indictment appears to not be a variable because they can not reveal to the outside.

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