The first autopsy of a newborn baby found two years after his death in a refrigerator in an apartment in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do confirmed that there was no damage caused by external force.

According to the Yeosu Police Station today (1st), on the 27th of last month, a 2-month-old baby was found dead in an apartment refrigerator.

As a result of the first autopsy, it is known that no signs of external physical force were applied.

The baby's mother, A (43), gave birth to twins at home in 2018 and did not report birth.

In a police investigation, Mr. A stated, "When I came back from work, the baby boy was dead."

The police plan to arrest Mr. A on charges of abandoning the body and send it to the prosecution during migration as early as possible.

The final autopsy results are expected to come in 2 months.

On the 11th of last month, a child protection agency and Yeosu City, etc., received reports of neglect of children and initiated an investigation, and sent A's eldest son (7) and second daughter (2) to the victims' shelter to isolate them from their mother.

A police official said, "You can know the exact cause of death only after the final autopsy result comes out," and "We are investigating the exact details of the case, such as why the body was abandoned."

(Photo = Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)