I told you yesterday (30th) that a baby's body was found in a refrigerator at a home in Yeosu, and the other two children were left in a pile of garbage. It has been confirmed that this part has not been actively looked into from the beginning.

Reporter Yoo Su-hwan reports.

<Reporter> From the

front door to the room, there are all kinds of trash such as snack bags and empty cans.

This is the house we checked two weeks after we received a report that 7 and 2 year olds were being neglected.

And five days later, even after removing 5 tons of trash, community centers and children's institutions did not know the existence of the baby's body in the refrigerator.

[Dong Community Center Official: I didn't really


about twins at first.] The

investigation of child abuse was poor.

Even after conducting a field investigation, they believed only the lies of the child's mother and did not check the house.

[Dong Community Center Personnel: The twins are children of acquaintances, they are not their own children, and I am only protecting one person because they are sick...

.] Then, after a

week, the police were notified.

[Jeonnam child protection agency official: (You did report to the police in six days, right?) Because it is an investigation process, it seems difficult to tell.]

When the child's mother went home two years ago, claiming that the child was dead, the police are checking the reason for the abandonment of the body.

[Dong Community Center Official: The fact that she was pregnant with other children in the state of a single mother was a social gaze or that it was too burdensome...

.] It is said that the

children had a maternal grandfather, a maternal grandmother, and an maternal uncle, but they did not even know existed because they did not come and go for years.

The first autopsy revealed no signs of beatings or external shocks on the body of the deceased baby.

(Video coverage: Gong Jin-gu, video editing: Kim Jun-hee)