• The actress premieres 'The disorder you leave' on Netflix on December 11

Bárbara Lennie (36) is in a moment "of inner tranquility. After a few convulsive years I am well in my skin and with the life I have chosen".

To a large extent, this vital state made him draw attention to the character of Viruca who plays in the series 'The disorder you leave' (Netflix), which opens on December 11.

"I'm looking for more fictions not attached to reality. I want to play, more artifice, get away from my personality," says the actress who on her Twitter account defines herself as "comedian."

Now she gets into the shoes of

a high school teacher from a town in Galicia "whose reality is getting out of hand



He is accompanied in the cast by Inma Cuesta, Tamar Novas, Arón Piper and Roberto Enríquez.

Based on the novel by the Spanish writer and screenwriter Carlos Montero (Elite), since the project came into his hands and he began to investigate the story attracted him.

"It meant addressing a character who likes pleasures; he has an addiction to enjoyment that has no measure."

Preparing the character and shooting

, he says, are the moments he enjoys the most.

"Mental illness and suicide remain taboo subjects," he reflects.

"It is still something that is scary. It is a stigma. There is talk of mothers with cancer but not with mental problems."

The importance of naming things.

"What is not spoken in the end leads those who suffer it to marginality




The pandemic confesses that

it has "helped him a lot"

: "I have rediscovered my little society that is my home."

It had been a long time since I had spent so much time in Madrid.

"There have also been nice projects like shooting 'Sisters' for HBO. It has been a huge learning curve."

She is no stranger to how complicated the virus is making it to the world of culture, in general, and of cinema, in particular.

"Making a movie has become an impossible feat off the shelf."

Despite the "delicate" moment the sector is going through, he prefers to be optimistic.

"I want to think that the cinema is going to survive



The fashion actress label earned it a few years ago and the truth is that she has not taken it off.

Without wanting to be pretentious, she confesses that she says no to many projects.


In life, yeses are as important as noes


On the horizon is Oriol Paulo's adaptation of 'Los renglones torcidos de Dios', written by Torcuato Luca de Tena in 1979, where he will play Alice Gould, a woman admitted to a mental health sanatorium with a diagnosis of paranoia.

"It's a cool build. It's like an action hero



I said it before, you feel like "playing".

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