Lotte Mart, who was at the center of criticism by blocking access to dogs training for guide dogs for the visually impaired, finally apologized.

Lotte Mart announced on its official SNS account today (30th) at around 1pm, saying, "We admit that we did not consider Gyeonju's position in the process of dealing with Puppy Walkers and accompanying customers who visited Jamsil."

'Puppy Walker' refers to people who volunteer to take care of a dog that will serve as a guide dog for the blind or hearing impaired in their home from 7 weeks to 1 year.

According to a personal reporter's article spread through the online community, Lotte Mart's Jamsil branch employee was angry at the Puppy Walker who came in after being approved for access at the entrance, asking what he would do if he brought a puppy without a disability.

Looking at the photos released together, the dog is wearing an orange vest with the phrase'I'm studying a guide dog' next to the Samsung logo, but the dog in the photo looks scared and has a drooping tail.

The whistleblower also explained that the puppy was anxious and was holding a leash.

At the same time, the informant expressed his regret, saying, "I have to come to a place like this during education so that I can get along without problems when I go out to practice later?" I did it.

This article spread in one day, and Lotte Mart was criticized.

Netizens commented, "It's so rude to non-disabled people, but would you really do well with blind people and guide dogs?"

At present, Lotte Mart's apology announcement also said, "Is it an apology if you write it like that. It's not so sincere", "Do not go overboard to turn off the fire in a hurry, go to the office and apologize."

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(Photo = Nurikon's personal Instagram, Lotte Mart's Facebook and Instagram, National Law Information Center)