Joël Le Scouarnec is on trial from Monday for rape and sexual assault on four minors.

A first part of an extraordinary case since the complaint of the first victim made it possible to discover the diaries of the surgeon, relating the existence of more than 300 other victims over 25 years. 

The trial of Joël Le Scouarnec, the child criminal surgeon from Jonzac, interrupted in March because of the Covid-19, opens this Monday before the Charente Maritime assizes in Saintes, and should last until December 3.

Accused of having made more than 300 young victims, it is for the first part of the case that the 70-year-old man will be tried.

Rape and sexual assault on four minors that started it all.

The facts then go back to April 2017. The surgeon is denounced by a 6-year-old girl, who explains to her parents that their neighbor, then in her sixties, raped him and exhibited himself in front of her, in her garden.


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A first report then the discovery of the notebooks

Investigators then discover that the surgeon has claimed at least three other victims: two of his nieces and a 4-year-old patient.

For the lawyer of the young victim, Me Francesca Satta, nothing surprising.

"Violate your little neighbor, take advantage of a moment of inattention from parents ...: Joël Le Scouranec could not be so on his first attempt", she emphasizes.

"The number of victims that was going to emerge as and when concerning him ... that we could not know."

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Because it is not four but more than three hundred victims who were allegedly sexually assaulted by Joël Le Scouranec.

Thanks to the report of the little neighbor of 6 years, three years ago, the investigators found at the surgeon's notebooks, diaries, kept for more than 25 years.

Everything was recorded there, "until nausea", indicates the public prosecutor of Lorient: places, ages, names of the victims and the facts that the surgeon inflicted on them.

This second part of the case is so out of the ordinary that the investigation is not yet over.