A lot of insults on Twitter were dedicated this Monday by the pianist James Rhodes and the politician Juan Carlos Girauta, one of Albert Rivera's trusted men during his time at the head of Ciudadanos.

The controversy, in reality, they have not started.

It has arisen as a result of

a satirical montage against Almeida

on the social network, a montage that the mayor of Madrid has commented with irony without entering into further discussions.

The doctored image was taken at a funeral in memory of the doctors who were victims of Covid-19 that was held in the Almudena Cathedral organized by the Official College of Physicians of Madrid, an act to which the first mayor of the capital attended from suit and not as it appears in the tweet.

The mockery probably would not have gotten worse if the pianist Jamer Rhodes had not shared that montage on Sunday,

comparing him to one of the court jesters

that Velázquez painted.

Rhodes later withdrew that tweet, but Juan Carlos Girauta has recovered it this Monday without hiding his indignation and calling him

"a strange child, Beethoven's murderer, he goes around the world making fun of his neighbor."

"I erased it because of offended people like you. Buffoon, weird child, pesao - isn't this making fun of someone?", The pianist replied, alluding to the allusions that Girauta had dedicated to him.

And then he has ugly "the ridiculous columns full of hoaxes and hatred."

Already launched

, Rhodes has invited Girauta to found with Hermann Tertsch "a club for drunken and lonely fascists"

and has rhymed his last name with "perroflauta".

The verbal escalation was no longer reversing.

"The only relationship that we could maintain is that you serve me a cut,"

the politician snapped at "Mr. Zascandil."

The musician made a brief foray into the world of politics by introducing at Moncloa, with a piano performance, the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience plan of the Spanish Economy that Pedro Sánchez presented a few weeks ago.

The crossing of insults has then derived towards historical questions.

"Do you remember the Malvinas? Well, only his piano can surpass the gurkas in cruelty", Girauta insisted, ironing about the musical quality of Rhodes.

"I remember the Falklands, but unlike you, I was not jerking off with photos of Thatcher,"

the pianist replied, calling him "stupid."

A few minutes later, Rhodes assured that he had blocked Girauta "not because of the insults, but because he suggests that being a waiter is an unworthy occupation."

And, in a foray into his native language, he has dedicated a resounding "asshole" to it.

But the truce has not lasted long.

To be continue...

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