PlayStation Plus: free games for December -


Here are the new titles available to download for free from the PlayStation Store from December 1, 2020, as part of the PlayStation Plus subscription.

And this month, it's not two, but three games that are offered to PS Plus subscribers.

Worms Rumble

PlayStation Plus: free games for December - geeko

Sony is doing strong with its first free game since it has not even been released on consoles yet.

Worms Rumble

will be released on December 1st and will therefore be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Players will be able to discover the new adventures of the most wacky and armed worms in the world in this new episode of


, developed by Team 17. For its big comeback, the


franchise is

drawing an end to turn-based combat for move towards real-time clashes, but always in 2D.

For the rest, the fun always seems to be there.

Rocket arena

PlayStation Plus: free games for December - geeko

Electronic Arts' nervous multiplayer shooter, developed by Final Strike Games, is the second game available for the month of December.

Like Fortnite or


, you will have to face many other players and stand on your feet as long as possible.

Wacky and colorful clashes await in

Rocket Arena


Under its air of play for children and / or let off steam,

Rocker Arena

is much more technical than it appears.

Finally, fans of

Smash Bros.

will also find their accounts in this game.

Just Cause 4

PlayStation Plus: free games for December - geeko

Finally, the fourth installment in a cult saga,

Just Cause 4

will once again make you play Rico Rodriguez.

In this GTA-like, you will be able to crush, demolish and explode the obstacles and enemies that stand in front of you.

An episode in which the player can count on a multifunction grappling hook and a complete arsenal to undermine the plans of the antagonist of the story, Oscar Espinosa.

High Tech

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