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■ Broadcast: SBS Lee Cheol-hee's Political Show (FM 103.5 MHz 9:05 ~ 11:00)

■ Progress: Lee Cheol-hee, Director of Knowledge Design Research Institute

■ Broadcast Date: 2020 November 27 (Fri)

■ Cast: Park Hae-sung, CEO of TV Ridge,

"You, like mine, not mine" It's a

popular song. What are you talking about here?

This is the annual story of office workers who can take a break from their hard work. 

Recently, there have been a lot of talks about annual meetings among office workers, but a related survey was conducted.

This is the result of a survey of 1,697 office workers on the'annual burnout situation and the impact of Corona 19'.

Why can't I use annual leave?

First, due to a lack of manpower, there was a lot of work (40.4%, multiple responses), followed by a supervisory notice (23.9%), and because of the lack of free annual use (23.8%).

Some respondents (14.1%) said it was to receive annual compensation.

When asked how many days of annual leave remained, respondents answered that they had an average of 8 days of unused annual leave.

Will the unused annual leave be carried over next year?

Or are you rewarded with money?

According to the Labor Standards Act, compensation cannot be received if it is attributable to the worker for not using the annual leave, but if it is attributable to the employer, it can be compensated with'annual allowance'.

41.4% of respondents (multiple responses) said they had no compensation, and 33% said they received annual compensation.

9% said they reflected it in the following year's annual year.