He did not abandon his wife a day in the more than

50 years they were together.

Not even when Covid-19 came between them.

Despite his advanced age, 81 years old, Stefano Bozzini went every morning to the hospital where his wife was admitted, who was undergoing cancer tests and who could not visit due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, to bring her a serenade and let her know that she was not alone.

His gesture of love did not go unnoticed and it did not take long to go viral around the world.

But the story has not had a happy ending.

Despite the fact that Carla Sacchi was discharged,

the old woman has died just two weeks after leaving the medical center,

as reported by the mayor of Piacenza, Patrizia Barbieri, on her Facebook account.

"The story of Stefano Bozzini and his wife Carla went around the world: in that serenade under the windows of the Castelsangiovanni hospital, we all recognized love, in the simplicity and immediacy of its universal language. Today, disease has broken its embrace and I would like to direct a special thought to both, in the emotion of the entire Piacenza community, "he wrote.

Ha fatto il gira del mondo, la storia dellalpino Stefano Bozzini and di sua moglie Carla: in quella serenata sotto le ...

Posted by Patrizia Barbieri onThursday, November 26, 2020

"I would also like to thank Mr. Stefano for

that gesture of tenderness

that reminded us of what it really means to love each other. Doing everything so that the other person does not feel alone, finding a way to overcome any barrier. For us, who have had the privilege looking at this wonderful story from the door of our house, the notes of that accordion will always sound like an echo of hope in this difficult year ", he added.

For the mayor, the elderly couple are also "a symbol of detachment, unfortunately experienced by so many fellow citizens," who were not allowed to be close to loved ones "to accompany them in the last steps of their journey."

And, at the same time, "they bear witness to the strength of a feeling that no virus, no disease can extinguish or weaken."

For this reason, Barbieri concludes,

"we feel close to Mr. Stefano and we will not forget what he has taught us,

we will always keep his precious example", he concluded.

Despite her illness, Carla Sacchi was able to enjoy the music that her husband gave her every morning with his accordion from the patio from the patio of the Castel San Giovanni hospital, in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, where she was admitted, so she knew she wasn't alone in those tough times.

Love with capital letters.

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