• Círculo de Bellas Artes opens on Thursday the 3rd a great exhibition on the controversial British artist, whose identity remains unknown

  • Banksy.

    The Street is a Canvas' is a journey through the particular universe of this creator through 50 original works donated by private collectors

  • The tickets for this exhibition, not authorized by Banksy, like the previous ones that have been dedicated to the artist, are already on sale

31,800,000 results on Google.

That's right now, because surely if we enter your name in the search engine within a few hours, the number will have gone up.

More than Dalí or Velázquez.

And is that


, that British artist (perhaps we should say presumably) whose identity we do not know, seems to have

revolutionized contemporary art

using the street as a canvas.

This is precisely where the name of the exhibition comes from -


The Street is a Canvas

- which from December 3 will host

Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid


And run, because the tickets fly and this is a good occasion to know the artistic production of this creator whom



already included, in 2010, in his list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

The exhibition - which like all those that has previously been carried out on it, is not authorized - is born with an informative vocation.

Thus, it is an attempt to bring us closer to the universe of this artist, who

could have been born in the surroundings of Bristol

(his first works began to be known there), through more than 50 original works donated by collectors from all over the world, a large part of which are exhibited for the first time in Madrid.

The play 'Smiling Cooper & Flying Copper 2'.

As if it were a cosmography, this selection of creations (made with various techniques: oil, acrylic or spray on canvas, limited edition serigraphs, sculptures,


on mental and concrete, photographs ...), act as maps in the describing the characteristics

of Banksy's particular universe


The one we know, because if there is something that makes the one who is almost certainly the greatest exponent of

contemporary street art


, it is not just his satirical works, with vindictive and denouncing overtones on politics, culture, ethics, war, poverty, consumerism, globalization, the environment ..., but rather the

mysterious halo

that surrounds his identity and how his works

connect with a

very diverse public, including those who are the object of his criticism.

Their graffiti and murals provoke anything but indifference

, whether they are in the West Bank or New York, whether they are rats, monkeys, children or policemen.

The play 'Napalm'.

"His work is a challenge to the system, a protest, an extremely well-built brand, a mystery, a

disobedience to the law

...", explains Alexander Nachkebiya,




The Street is a Canvas


He continues: "We want each visitor to be able to figure out for himself who Banksy really is: a genius or a thug?

An artist or a businessman?

A provocateur or a rebel?" Nachkebiya proposes.

Hence, the exhibition aims to show "the depth of Banksy's talent, its multiple layers and dimensions so that the visitors themselves think and decide."

And he concludes: "His work, always current and very complete, delves into the soul of each one of us. I suppose all this makes him

a genius for me


'Police Kids', another of his creations.

A genius, but above all a provocative and controversial character.

Who does not remember that

Girl with a balloon

that he destroyed at Sotheby's, the London auction house, after selling it?

Precisely, a similar serigraphy can be seen in this exhibition -organized by Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, IQ Art Management and Sold Out- which also consists of a

multimedia installation

to accentuate the multisensory experience.

And, although after the visit we know him a little more, we will still not know his real identity.

And who is he?

Not even Steve Lazarides -photographer who accompanied him for years on his travels and adventures and author of

Banksy captured

, a

book of photographs

with images of Banksy working (yes, from behind or pixelated) - has revealed it.


The Street is a Canvas

opens on December 3 at Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid and can be seen until May 9, 2021.


15 euros;

8 euros (children from 4 to 12 years old).

More information on the official page of the exhibition at www.banksyexhibition.es

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