Yesterday (27th), 504 new corona19 confirmed patients were added a day, recording 500 on the third day.

Over the last week, domestic outbreaks averaged 400.1 per day, meeting the 2.5-stage range.

The government has decided to discuss raising the distance tomorrow.

The first news is reported by Han Ji-yeon.


Yesterday, 504 new cases of Corona 19 occurred on one day, recording 500 for three consecutive days.

It has been 9 months since the first epidemic in Daegu and Gyeongbuk was in full swing.

Of the 504 new confirmed cases, 486 outbreaks in Korea excluding 18 from overseas.

By region, 323 people were confirmed in the metropolitan area, including 176 people in Seoul, 122 people in Gyeonggi, and 25 people in Incheon, and in the non-capital area, 33 people in Gangwon, 27 people in Busan, 23 people in Chungbuk, 14 people in Gwangju and Chungnam, 13 people in Daejeon and Gyeongnam, etc. There were confirmed cases in all cities and provinces except Sejong.

As for major infection cases, 153 confirmed cases related to aerobics classes in Gangseo-gu, Seoul have been confirmed so far, and 124 confirmed cases related to Hongdaesaae Church in Mapo-gu are still concentrated in the metropolitan area. The back spread is getting stronger.

In connection with the Janggu class in Busan and Ulsan, 36 more were confirmed in one day, and the number of confirmed cases increased to 89, and the number of confirmed cases related to e-bankbooks in Jinju, Gyeongnam, and 61 were also increased.

Recently, the average number of new confirmed cases per day for a week has increased to 424.6, and the domestic outbreak alone is 400.1, meeting the 2.5 step upgrade criteria.

Currently, among the metropolitan areas, the distance between the metropolitan area is in the second stage and the Honam area is in the 1.5 stage.