Microsoft is working on a function that will make it possible to install Android apps on Windows 10, news site

Windows Central


based on insiders.

People may be able to use the new feature from the fall of 2021.

The company wants to make it easier for makers of Android apps to create a Windows version.

The apps should then become available in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft has previously indicated that it is interested in the possibility of using Android via Windows.

Since 2018, the company has been offering the Your Phone app, with which a smartphone can be connected to make calls via Windows or view the photos on the phone.

Windows Central

notes that the apps on Windows may face a limitation: the lack of Google Play Services.

With this link from Google, Android apps are connected to Google services.

For example, companies can install Google Maps in their app.

However, Google does not allow installation of Play Services on Windows computers so far.

Should Android apps become available on Windows 10 through Microsoft's new feature, these types of links could be missing.