Jeonbuk Province said it would kill 390,000 nearby poultry due to the outbreak of suspicious livestock of highly pathogenic avian influenza (AI) at a meat duck farm in Jeongeup.

The targets for killing are 292,000 chickens and 100,000 ducks in 6 farms within a 3km radius of the duck farm, including 392,000.

Within a 10 km radius of this farm, 60 farms have 2.61 million poultry.

Earlier yesterday (27th), the Jeonbuk-do quarantine authorities killed 19,000 ducks from a meat duck farm where highly pathogenic AI suspected animals were found.

Whether it is highly pathogenic or not is expected to appear today or tomorrow.

This year, highly pathogenic AI has been confirmed one after another in wild birds, but this is the first time a suspected case of highly pathogenicity has appeared in poultry farms.

The quarantine authorities issued an order to temporarily suspend movement of poultry farms, livestock facilities, and livestock vehicles across the country for 48 hours from 0 o'clock yesterday.

(Photo = Yonhap News)