Today (28th), you also worked hard to practice distance.

Although the number of new corona19 confirmed patients decreased slightly, it continued to reach 500 on the third day.

The average domestic outbreak in the past week has also exceeded 400.

This figure corresponds to the standard of 2.5 steps to raise the distance, and the government decided to make a final decision on whether to upgrade tomorrow.

The first news, this is Han Ji-yeon.


Yesterday, the number of new corona19 confirmed cases increased by 504.

Since the start of the 3rd epidemic, the number of new confirmed cases reached 581, the highest point on the 26th, and the scale has decreased somewhat, but it is still maintaining the 500 range for the third day.

[Lim Sook-young/Central Defense Countermeasure Headquarters, General Manager of Situation: Is it a time when the epidemic is declining, or is it a time when the trend of proliferation continues again after a short pause?


Infections in the non-metropolitan area are also spreading nationwide, recording 100 people for five consecutive days, and the number of areas exceeding the 1.5-step distance standard has increased to 4 places, including Honam, Gyeongnam, and Gangwon, following the metropolitan area.

The average number of confirmed cases in Korea for the past week is 400.1, which has exceeded 400, which is the 2.5 step upgrade standard.

[Lim Sook-young / Head of the Central Defense Countermeasure Headquarters: Tomorrow, there will be a transcript meeting, and after discussions at the transcript meeting, the final decision (whether to raise the distance) will be decided...


Another big worry with the surge in the number of confirmed cases is the bed for critically ill patients.

Of the 162 severely ill patients nationwide, 69 beds remained as of yesterday.

In particular, there is one critical patient bed left in Jeonbuk and Gwangju, and none in Busan.

Accordingly, the quarantine authorities completed the first review of'self-treatment' in which young asymptomatic and mild patients, which are increasing recently, stay at home to manage symptoms in preparation for the shortage of beds.

The government said, however, that a detailed review of the housing type is necessary to prevent the spread of self-treatment in the home, and in exceptional cases, children are under review to allow self-treatment with their guardians.

(Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, Video editing: Ha Seong-won)