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Strengthening the fight against piracy and the protection of intellectual property rights within the European Union, this is what the AAPA (Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance), a mainly European association of which Canal +, Premier League and still LaLiga.

As the European Union (EU) is working on the next European Digital Services Act on digital services, the AAPA has made a point of stressing how much piracy of protected audiovisual programs is growing.

A situation which obviously does not go to the holders of the broadcasting rights.

The situation would have worsened with the health crisis linked to the coronavirus, during confinement.

Cloistered at home, the European population has consumed more audiovisual content and sometimes, illegally, using in particular IPTV, a subscription system that is not always legal which makes it easy to watch thousands of channels from around the world for a few. euros per month.

A phenomenon that the AAPA deplores, whose members "demand an urgent and strong response from the European Union to strengthen the fight against illegal content online".

A handful of measures to limit fraud

The association has expressed its grievances to the EU, notably proposing a clarification of the liability regime of Internet intermediaries.

It is also a question of harmonizing withdrawal requests, in order to facilitate the procedure and make it more efficient.

The AAPA believes that the mandatory and rapid removal of illegal content broadcast live should be applicable in the event of fraud.

It thus aims that the cutting of broadcasting of a program can be done within 30 minutes of a complaint.

Still to fight against IPTV, the association would like the different platforms to apply better verification of user accounts, in order to prevent pirate services from creating several accounts to steal protected content.

Finally, it would also like the injunctions for the removal of Internet domains from illegal sites to be more dynamic, in order to take account of changes of address of the latter, and cross-border to be effective over time.

These complaints addressed to the European Commission could be taken into account during the constitution of the Digital Services Act and could therefore make it possible to fight more effectively against pirating of protected content, but also against IPTV.

Several organizations are already working in this direction.

Until recently, several European IPTV networks have been dismantled.

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