In a field test that lasted 3 months, on several devices

The "blue giant" wins the race for the best "solar charger" for mobile phones

Chargers work in all weathers, against rain, dust and shocks.

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A portable solar charger bearing the name "Blue Giant 28W" or "Big Blue 28W" won the title of best solar charger for smartphones, tablets and other portable devices, after a long race of competition and field tests that lasted three months, in which many chargers participated. Solar powered market.

The "blue giant" won the title after topping the list of the best solar chargers on the market, which included five other solar chargers.

The tests were carried out by a team of analysts of the website, in various areas of solar brightness, during the multiplication of clouds, and the clearness of the sky, and during the different climatic conditions, between cold, rain, wind and other, and at different times during the day, since sunrise. Until sunset.

The results of the tests were published on January 23.

Analysts emphasized that the development of solar chargers put on the market makes them an effective, practical and easy alternative, to provide renewable and clean energy for smartphones all the time, in different circumstances and regions, and the tests ended with the selection of six models, as they are the best, and the list came as follows:

The blue giant

The solar charger "Big Blue 28 watts" won the first place, as it provides almost the largest charging power in the market, and high speed charging, and advanced to the first place despite being charging power to devices directly, and it does not contain a storage battery.

The charger contains a USB port, to deliver power to the devices required to be charged directly, and is equipped with a solar panel that produces 28 watts of power, weighing 22 ounces, equivalent to 623 grams.

And it can work reliably even under adverse weather conditions, low solar radiation, and its price reaches $ 60, and has the ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Renault E-Flex

This model ranked second in the list of the best solar chargers on the market, and it is equipped with a solar panel that produces power with a capacity of 10 watts, and is characterized by a light weight of 13 ounces, or only 368 grams, and it is of the type that charges energy directly, and does not contain a storage battery.

And it is one of the cheapest options available, with high durability, and it has a USB port. The amount of energy it generates is sufficient to charge the phone in a period equal to the charging period with regular electric current. It also allows the phone to operate while charging, and a 5-watt model is available, in exchange for Only 24 dollars.

Nick Tick

This model came in third place with 21 watt power, does not contain a storage battery, weighs 589.6 grams, and is equipped with a "USB" port. The energy produced from it is more than enough to charge any mobile device quickly. Two devices can be charged simultaneously, provided that it does not exceed The command is 3 amps in total, and it takes two devices to charge longer, and it is equipped with a smart detection feature to detect the type of device required to be charged, and provide the appropriate amount of energy for it.

"Voltek Arch"

This model came in fourth place with a 20-watt solar panel, and a weight of 1.4 kilograms, with a storage battery of 24,000 ampere, and was designed with a DC output, which means that you can charge most computers and mobile phones at least once, from the charging stock with the battery The battery also includes an external protection against short circuits and overcharging, and during work the charger is installed with a variety of fasteners, which allows constant charging at all times.


The Banerji charger came in fifth place, as it is equipped with an 18-watt solar panel, a 26,800 mAh storage battery, USB AC ports, a weight equivalent to 503 grams, and a robust protection shield capable of withstanding Most climatic conditions, dust and shocks.

Its empty battery is charged within eight hours, and once it is fully charged, it can charge the "Samsung Galaxy S10" or "iPhone 11" at least six times.

It also features a strong LED that allows the distress signal to be emitted to about 92 meters.


It ranked sixth in the list of the best chargers, as it is the smallest solar charger, and its price is very cheap. It is offered for 15 dollars. It is equipped with a 1.2 watt solar panel, weighs only 266 grams, is equipped with a double "USB" output, and a storage battery capacity of 5000 ml. / Amp, and designed in a way that allows it to be attached to the backpack, to receive sunlight and convert it into energy, is made of environmentally friendly materials, is durable, and withstands light rain, but it is not recommended to submerge it in puddles, and the USB ports in it are protected by rubber covers To prevent dust and debris from blocking the ports, it has a "LED" indicator light that indicates how much power is left in the battery.