Fortnite launches its paid plan -


The rumor has been running for some time, it is now official: Fortnite will offer a paid formula for the most active players.

The program of this subscription billed 11.99 euros per month;

access to the Seasonal Battle Pass, 1,000 V-Bucks - the in-game virtual currency - and an all-new Club Pack, including exclusive skins and items each month.

Called Fortnite Crew, this new subscription will be available from December 2 and will be non-binding.

Players can therefore unsubscribe at any time.

Note that the subscription will not be compulsory to enjoy the battle royale.

A model that will appeal to the biggest players

The arrival of this formula may be surprising,


has indeed based its popularity on the principle of free-to-play, but the battle royale of Epic Games still brews millions of dollars each year.

The game indeed offers many in-game purchases - mainly cosmetic - which attract many players.

And if the amount of 11.99 euros may seem high, it is not that much since the 1000 V-Bucks included in the Fortnite Crew are sold for 8 euros on the game's online store. the price of the Seasonal Battle Pass (950 V-Bucks, so a little less than 8 euros) and you are already at 16 euros.

Taking out the new subscription is therefore more interesting than buying the lots separately.

The exclusive skins and items argument should definitely

hit home





The subscription is therefore intended for big




It should also be noted that the Fortnite Crew arrives at an opportune time for the battle royale.

For several weeks, the game has in fact been excluded from the App Store, following a failed poker game from Epic Games.

The publisher therefore had to put aside significant income, but the subscription formula could balance that out.

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