Jo Joo-bin, 24, who was handed over to trial for producing and distributing sexual exploitation of minors was sentenced to 40 years in prison at the first trial.

The 30th Division of the Seoul Central District Court's Criminal Agreement (President Judge Lee Hyun-woo) sentenced Cho on the 26th to Mr. Cho, who was charged with violating the Child and Youth Sexual Protection Act (producing and distributing sexual exploits, etc.) and organizing criminal organizations.

The judge exclaimed, "The defendant induces and intimidates a number of victims in various ways to produce sexual exploitation and spread it to various people for a long period of time," and said, "In particular, the identities of many victims were disclosed, causing irreparable damage."

From May last year to February of this year, Jo was handed over to trial on charges of intimidating dozens of female victims, including children and adolescents, to film sexual exploitation videos and to sell and distribute them through Internet messenger Telegram's doctoral room.

He is also accused of organizing criminal groups to create and disseminate sexual exploitation.

It was investigated that Mr. Cho and the members of the doctoral room organized a criminal organization that went beyond the group for sharing sexual exploits, such as systematically sharing roles and creating internal rules.

Jo also tricked JTBC president Sohn Seok-hee from April to September four times last year to receive 18 million won by tricking JTBC president'I'll give you the information I got while doing an appeal, and to compensate for the damages from fraud.' There is also a charge of receiving 10 million won (fraud).

(Photo = Yonhap News)