Despite concerns from the quarantine authorities and requests for restraint, the KCTU held a general strike and assembly as scheduled.

In Seoul, where the second stage of distancing is being applied, small gatherings of less than 10 people were held simultaneously, and there were also riots.

This is Kim Sang-min.

<Reporter> The

KCTU held a general strike as announced.

Instead of a large-scale rally, press conferences with fewer than 10 people were held in various places to meet the quarantine standards.

[Please cooperate to ensure compliance with the administrative order of the local government (prohibiting assemblies of 10 or more people).

From now on, the police will carry out a debt bond.] In

Yeouido, some construction union members, who were not included in the number of reporters, said that they would watch the interview.

It is in front of the Democratic Party of Seoul where the rally is being held.

Determining that there could be more than 10 participants in the rally, the police blocked the road, asking construction union members to move further.

In front of the central party of the nearby Democratic Party, the voice of the report was raised.

[Union: All reports of the assembly, here.]

[Police: Report of the assembly (not here).

Because it's the road, go back, go back!]

[Citizens: I think the citizens don't feel that there are more than 10 people in the end that there are dozens of policemen standing out...


The KCTU has repeatedly demanded that the so-called Jeon Tae-il 3 Act, including the Severe Accident Corporate Punishment Act, be enacted and the reform of the union law be stopped.

[Kim Jae-ha/Chairman of the Federation of Democratic Trade Unions Emergency Response Committee: Only Minister Chu Mi-ae and President Yoon Seok-yeol are talking, and it is the National Assembly that we do not say a word about this industrial accident where 25 million workers are dying and the Korean people are dying.]

250 members from Daegu and about 300 from Daejeon participated, and many people flocked to the area where the first stage of distancing was implemented.

The city of Seoul said it would claim damages to the KCTU if a confirmed person comes out at the rally.