At dawn, court personnel tried to execute the name of the Sarangjeil Church in Seoul, which is struggling with the redevelopment union due to the building demolition problem.

The church resisted fiercely and was destroyed in a few hours, but in the process a flamethrower appeared and a Molotov cocktail flew around.

This is Jung Ban-seok.

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person on the bus shakes a device that emits red flames and the firefighters spray water.

Then, this time, she sprays a liquid that looks like gasoline around her and throws a Molotov cocktail.

Today (26th) around 1 am, 570 executives of the Northern District Law enforcement personnel of the Sarangjeil Church began executing Myeongdo for the Sarangjeil Church.

[Do not use violence!

Don't be violent!]

Dozens of church officials stopped with their bodies, and then piled up dozens of Molotov cocktails and threw them in fierce resistance.


Some fire (



There was also a fire in nearby vehicles and church tents.

A total of 12 people were injured in the course of the crash, of which 7 were treated in hospital.

Some executives suffered burns and fractures, and some church officials suffered head injuries.

Eventually, the enforcement personnel withdrew in about 7 hours, and the forced execution was canceled.

The Sarangjeil Church area was designated as a maintenance area in 2008 and is subject to redevelopment.

The redevelopment union won the name lawsuit after conflict over the compensation for the demolition of the church.

Thereafter, two attempts were made in June, and this time, the third attempt was made, but all were blocked by resistance from the church members.

As it enters the winter season, additional enforcement is expected to be difficult until February next year.

The police organized a dedicated team of 18 members to investigate the violence of the church, which even mobilized flame devices.

(Video coverage: Kim Yong-woo, video editing: Kim Jong-woo, CG: Han Heung-soo, screen courtesy: YouTube Ufa Uncle TV)