Online video platform YouTube has banned the ultra-conservative news channel One America News Network (OAN) for a week from posting new videos.

The reason for the sanctions is that OAN declares that there are means that are guaranteed to cure COVID-19, which is in violation of YouTube's disinformation policy on the corona virus.

OAN also cannot make money for a week with the content that is already on the channel, YouTube announced on Tuesday.

It is the first time that the video platform, owned by Google, has taken action against the relatively small pro-Trump channel, one of the few right-wing channels that still refuse to recognize Joe Biden's election victory with the president.

The measure serves as a first warning.

Three warnings will remove the channel.

OAN must demonstrate that it has solved the problems raised by YouTube if it wants to make money back from its channel.

It's one of the measures YouTube has taken so far this year against misinformation about the corona pandemic.

The platform has already removed some 20,000 dangerous or deceptive videos since February.

YouTube, which has become even more popular since the globally announced lockdown measures, has also made a policy of highlighting authoritative channels and reliable sources of information.

Tens of thousands of Trump supporters have turned away from the relatively right-wing news channel Fox News this month and turned to smaller, far-right channels.

The conservative Newsmax attracted more than a million viewers for the first time in its history two weeks ago.

OAN CEO Charles Herring states that his channel has been one of the ten most viewed cable TV channels for a few weeks.