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Is your TV old?

Do you need a screen to play?

Do you want to give a monitor to your son or daughter so that he stops monopolizing the TV when he goes to play Fortnite?

Black Friday is your best opportunity to resolve these situations, because there are many televisions and monitors on sale.

Given that going to a store to watch a television is complicated today and given that online platforms are the ones with the best discount, we encourage you to remove the prejudices that there are about buying televisions and monitors online.

Things have changed a lot, for the better, in recent years.

If you don't need a new TV, also take a look at computer monitors (in case you're teleworking), smart 'spikes' (which completely renew an old TV) or sound bars (because flat-screen TVs are they hear fatal nowadays).

Prices keep changing and it may be that when you click on something, it has an outdated number or the product is out of stock.

We beg your patience, we are constantly updating the piece as we detect these problems.

32-inch Samsung Full HD TV - 209 euros

A television of the best sellers because it is good and it is very cheap.

If you do not need 4K or great qualities because you are looking for a television for a room or for the town house or for the garden, this is perfect for you.

Reduced to 209 euros


43-inch 4K HiSense TV - 282 euros

Let's start with something cheap and without many great features, but with an amazing price and a size that may fit you well.

With 43 inches and 4K resolution, it is difficult for you to find a cheaper TV made this year and with the basic features to watch Netflix properly.

It is reduced to 282 euros


32-inch FullHD TV with SmarTV - 159 euros

An ordinary TV, but sometimes it's all you need.

It has SmartTV, that is, you can download applications like Netflix, HBO or Prime Video.

Its size is small, so perhaps it is what you need for the town or the bedroom.

And yes, it does serve as a Chromecast.

Reduced to 159 euros


43-inch Samsung 4K TV (2020) - 375 euros

A Samsung TV that has everything and that is very well priced.

Its size is suitable for any room, it has the latest software updates because it was manufactured in 2020 and uses good technology to have better brightness and contrast.

And it has all the streaming apps.

Reduced to 375 euros


BenQ projector up to 100 inches - 299 euros

Maybe instead of a TV, you want something to make summer movies in the courtyard of your house in the village or to cover a large wall in your chalet or simply to freak out in your shared apartment with a huge screen.

This projector is portable and allows to launch a screen of up to 100 inches with very good quality.

Reduced from 489 euros to 299 euros


HDMI 2.0 cable of 2m, twisted and 4K - 7.19 euros

You may need a good cable to connect your console or your computer or your bluray player or whatever you need to connect to the TV.

This is a reliable and resistant HDMI 2.0 cable of 2 meters long that will serve you for practically everything you need.

Reduced to 7.19 euros


Amazon Fire Stick TV Lite - 19.99 euros

Do you want to turn an old TV or monitor into a Smart TV where you can watch Netflix?

Easy: you plug one of these into the HDMI port and use the included remote to browse Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

Reduced to 19.99 euros.

Amazon Fire Cube TV - 79.99 euros

If you are looking for something more sophisticated, Amazon's Cube TV allows you to turn a TV into a SmartTV and it also works as a smart speaker, so you can talk to Alexa to get a series you like or to point the list to you of the purchase.

Instead of spending more money on two pots, you buy just one.

Reduced to 79.99 euros


Xiaomi Mi TV with Chromecast integrated - 37.99 euros

If you are looking for a device to connect to your television to turn it into a SmartTV, but that also allows you to launch YouTube videos or movies from your mobile, this is the perfect solution for you: the Xiaomi Mi TV has an integrated Chromecast and

is reduced to 37.99 euros


Xiaomi MiJia Mi Box S - 49.99 euros

4K Ultra HD Media Player with Google Assistant Remote Control, Bluetooth, Hdmi 4K HDR, Dolby Audio, DTS HD, Android 8.1, Black.

Includes a remote to control it, with integrated Chromcast.

Reduced to 49.99 euros


LG NanoCell 49-inch 4K TV 2020 - 569 euros

Here we are already taking an important leap.

Although LG dominates the OLED landscape, its 2020 NanoCell TVs are a blast in terms of image quality and price.

It is totally updated and up to date and has a very fine design, so much that it seems incredible that it is 49 inches.

Reduced to 569 euros.

HiSense ULED 65 inches (2020) - 799 euros

Do you want a big TV?

A giant television?

Well, here you have it, and at a price that seems incredible that it is so cheap.

HiSense makes good panels, has its own lighting technology, and they are compatible with whatever you throw at it.

And this one, to be 65 inches, is very, very cheap:

they have lowered it to 799 euros


55-inch Philips OLED TV - 1,149 euros

If what you want is a television with the best screen quality, you are going to have to pony up a little more money, because OLED is not cheap.

But this top-of-the-line, top-quality Philips has a very good discount.

55 inches, OLED, updated and lowered from 1,900 euros to 1,149 euros.

TV wall mount - 15.59 euros

If you want to hang your television on the wall, be it a new one or the one you already have, with this support you will be served divinely.

It supports a lot of weight, is quite easy to install and can be tilted down if you want to put it very high.

Be very careful with the drill, yes.

Reduced to 15.59 euros


HP 22-inch FullHD monitor - 89 euros

If you need something simple to telecommute without leaving your back or sight, this 22-inch FullHD resolution monitor is perfect because it is just the right size to go anywhere, it has HDMI and VGA inputs, it looks great and it doesn't cost an eye. Of the face.

It is reduced to 89 euros.

24-inch LG gaming monitor - 109 euros

We put you in a situation: your son or daughter wants to play the console and you want to watch TV, you argue, you impose yourself, your partner is going to cry and you end up without watching TV.

You sound familiar?

The solution: a cheap but sturdy gaming monitor from LG that costs nothing and you can plug in consoles or the computer without problem.

Reduced to 109 euros


Samsung monitor 24 inches and 144hz - 179 euros

A perfect monitor to play on a computer, as it is compatible with high refresh rates up to 144hz.

And it's from Samsung, a very good brand.

If your son wants to play Fortnite better than the neighbor's son, this is a good way to do it.

Reduced from 300 to 149 euros


Samsung 32-inch curved 2K monitor - 299 euros

If you want to play the new PS5 or Xbox Series consoles like God, or connect your computer to have the best possible graphics, this is your monitor: good brand, 2K resolution, curved, with a refresh rate of 240hz, HDR10, FreeSync ... We could continue, but we'd better leave you the price:

reduced to 299 euros


TCL soundbar with HDMI Arc - 59.99 euros

Today's TVs have bad sound because they are so thin.

The most affordable and comfortable solution is a soundbar, like this one from TCL, which is heavily discounted and unbeatable for the quality it offers.

It has HDMI Arc technology, so you can better connect game consoles or Bluray players.

Reduced to 59.99 euros.

100 W Samsung soundbar - 99 euros

A soundbar with power to spare if your living room is somewhat larger.

With 100 watts, you can annoy the neighbors if you don't cut yourself a bit when you go to see your favorite movie.

It also has bluetooth, so you can connect your mobile to listen to music on it too.

Reduced to 99 euros


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