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Russian Far East.

A New Year's card appeared on the frozen river.

The snow piled up on the frozen river was carefully removed with brooms and shovels. The size is 40m wide and 20m long, with the shape of a tree and Santa, and it says'Happy New Year' in Russian.

The main characters who made a large New Year's card on the ice are three sculptors living in a nearby village.

There was a story behind the sculptors' gathering of strength.

It was a work to commemorate Grandfather Valerie, who died suddenly from Corona 19 last month.

Before the sculptors, Grandpa Valery had been drawing snow cards on this river every winter for the past decade.

On behalf of my grandfather, who passed away first, three neighbors now carry on that tradition.

Netizens said, "Artwork made of nature~ Beautiful!" "I can feel how much Grandpa Valerie loved his neighbor in his lifetime." And responded.

(Screen source: varlamov)